Memetic/Pepe MT

You run a masternode to help the network grow and to earn rewards and % of transcations. Payments range in value , but are about 40-50% annual ROI.

Running a memetic master node pays you for helping the network. We also want more seed servers out there so we made a script to do (2) things:

  1. create a seed server to help with distribution of the blockchain
  2. create a master node server so you can get paid

 Staring your seeding server to help out the network blockchain distribution

Build a seeder and master node with Linode Stackscripts or Github.

We have (2) servers running from the script: (stack script) & (manual script)

You can run our git hub script on any server that runs  Ubuntu 16.04 with 2GB RAM or 1GB & 512MB swap. You need to have 1.5GB for compiling.

run this and everything is done for you:

Run this command :

bash -c “$(wget -O –”


 Starting your master toad so you can collect rewards

  • Download the memetic wallet 
  • Create a master toad within your wallet
    • You will use the IP assigned by your virtual provider and the port29387
  • Get the configuration and input it into the server
    • visit https://server.ip.address – we have created a 1-time use website. After you enter the private key from the wallet the master node will start.
  • Find your “receive address” for your new master toad
  • Send 15,000 memetic coins from your wallet to your receive address
    • The coins never leave your wallet and your server never knows the private key so even a compromised server wouldn’t be able to steal any of the 15,000 coins.
  • After 15 confirmation you should be able to “start master toad”
  • If you don’t get paid in a couple days, delete the server and try again

Using a self-signed cert, you will browse to your server to enter the private key from the master toad  configuration. The website is a 1 time use and will delete itself after. Then the master toad will start and you can start the master node from the wallet.

1 time use

That’s it. If you want more info you can also join our Telegram group:

If you want to see the script you can go here :

Keys to trust

  • We compile from the latest source code
  • We don’t upload any block or information
  • If you don’t see a payout in a couple days, delete it since we don’t hold your private key, you lose nothing

If nothing else, these guys also have solutions:

Node share is an easy to make a master node:


Performance on a 1 CPU / 1GB RAM Linode package:

You can see it was built from the stack script. We rebooted this server a lot for testing, but after you can see it is downloading the blockchain and will soon hopefully start seeding.


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